Mount Pinatubo

Mount Pinatubo Facts

On this fact page you will find facts about Mount Pinatubo as well as about its devastating eruption.

 Mount Pinatubo is located in the Luzon island in the Philippines
The height of Mt Pinatubo is only 1760 meters
Mount Pinatubo also erupted about 450 – 500 years before
15-20 million tons of sulfur dioxide were discharged in the atmosphere following the eruption which caused a global cooling among others.
Currently Mount Pinatubo attracts many tourists who practice mountain hiking
Mount Pinatubo’s eruption caused the ejection of 10 cubic kilometers of magma
The former US Clark Air Base was located just 37 km away from Mt Pinatubo
The eruption of 1991 was preceded by many earthquakes north of the Pinatubo
847 people died following the eruption
After the eruption a lake was formed in the crater, Lake Pinatubo
In 1957, the Philippine presidential plane named Mt Pinatubo crashed and killed the then president of Philippines
The largest eruption of the 20th century happened in 1912 in Alaska. The volcano formed after the eruption is called Novarupta.

Mount Pinatubo Volcano
Facts & Info about Mount Pinatubo